Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Farewells in Uxbridge

On Tuesday night we met a former Brunel classmate of Robin's, Kelly, and her husband James, for dinner at Ask, an Italian restaurant in downtown Uxbridge. Great company. Delicious meal. Super nice couple.

Wednesday we made two trips to the Brunel campus. Our timing was lucky on one of the trips and we caught the U3 bus at the half-way point. 

"Please mind your head" mates. As we walked back from Robin's night class we thought we should stop at a pub for a farewell cider. Our usual, The Metropolitan, was crowded so we went a few doors up the street to The Queen's Head.

I've mentioned The Queens Head before. Been here since the mid-1500s. Probably burned down once or twice over the years and rebuilt.  

A lovely lady kept making eyes at me. I love pubs. 

Portrait of a Queen's Head barmaid. 

The walk back to our flat takes through the ready-for-bed Uxbridge town centre. 

On the walk back to our flat, walking along a small side street, we grab a night shot of a Dual Carriageway sign. Across the street, just out of view, is the Gardeners Arms pub. Last night when we passed the pub, I went inside to inspect the loo while Robin waited outside on the patio. When I came out she was sitting at a table chatting with a guy that had just been in a knife fight, his right arm pretty messed up and bloody, his face was bruised and scratched, his nose looked unusually flat. He wanted a light for his cigarette, but we didn't have one. When Robin asked if he was OK, he said "It alright. No worries. Just part of the tour." I missed a photo op here, dangit. Especially when he asked Robin for a kiss. Oh well. Next time. Like he said, "Just part of the tour."

The Shakespeare Authorship Question, Summarized

Sonnet 81. It's like a transcript of what actually happened.

Three More Days

Just three days left to squeeze in another adventure or two.

We walked to the Brunel campus this morning so Robin could take care of a few errands, like closing her bank account and fixing a payroll office mistake. We're going back to the campus this afternoon for a farewell coffee meeting with her PhD supervisor, then off to her last class of the semester.

Fashion statement in the grocery store. I like this look. I'll be wearing a similar outfit to Albertson's when I get home, if Robin will loan me some tights.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we Tube back into London for a final day of fun and photo ops, including dinner again at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese and Noises Off, "The ultimate comedy" that has "Too many joys to list." Years ago I saw a movie version of this play and I thought it was brilliant. Of course, that was before I was the sophisticated theatre-goer that I is now.

Friday I'll post photos from our Thursday night-out, then it's back to Heathrow on Saturday morning for the trip back home.