Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Miscellaneous

At Mark & Spencer stores here you can buy single glasses of wine for £2.50.

Experimenting with the Brushes app on the iPad. Adding color to a sketch.

New easy-to-take-off/put-on shoes for flying home and going through airport security. The other shoes I brought are very airport-unfriendly. High-top lace-ups with lots of metal hardware. Very comfortable for walking, very inconvenient at security checkpoints. 

Farewell Malt Shovel

Late Sunday afternoon Robin decided she needed some books and articles from the Brunel library so we walked to the campus. Since we're leaving soon we thought we'd have one last meal at The Malt Shovel, a short walk from the campus. 

The outdoor dining area is nice on a day like this.

Always studying. . .

. . .while the rest of us are relaxing.

The Malt Shovel is next to a canal. While waiting for the handmade salmon fishcakes to arrive I walked over to the canal. The building is a tea house. Water locks for the canal are on the right just ahead. There are two barges in the lock, waiting for the water to lower them down to the next canal level.

"Yes Love, I realize some blokes have a larger barge than I do. You don't have to keep reminding me!"

One of the gates in the lock.

When the water level is low enough, someone from the barge pushes the gates open.

More signs of Spring.

Spring & Open Fields

It's a beautiful Spring Sunday so we decided to explore a dirt path next to our apartment complex that we walk past almost every day. The path leads to huge grassy fields. Some have soccer goals in them, others are just huge green grass areas. I wish our dogs were here.

Both before and after this field are other fields almost this large, separated by hedge rows. The path curves to the left ahead, leading to another field almost as large as the first three put together.

Another path going up a small hill.

View from the hilltop. A sports complex is just beyond the track below. You can see the roofs of our apartment complex just before the horizon. 

The weather is forecast to be this nice until after we leave for home this coming Saturday. We hope to make it back here again before then with a picnic lunch.