Saturday, January 15, 2011

iTubePeople #2

iTubePeople Research Paper #2: people who sat near me on the Tube.

For scientific reasons, I'll try to categorize the various species.

A Sleeper and a Reader.

Three Readers. Although they could also be Studiers. More research needed on these three.

Could be a Worrier or a Psycho. Glad I'm not sitting next to him.

Three Teenagers. Often seen in packs of three or more, as shown here. Their camouflage (called school uniforms) serves as a warning to other iTubePeople. Fortunately, this pack was harmless.

Saturday Summary

We cancelled plans to go to Highgate Cemetery and stayed in most of the day to work on our computers. We did take a mid-afternoon break to try a nice little Italian coffee shop just a block from here. Nice place, good coffee. Better coffee than Starbucks. Closer than Starbucks. Not as crowded as Starbucks.

We decided to have an early dinner at Southern Belle. This sports pub is just several blocks away and claims to have BBQ. I thought I'd give them a chance to test it on a Louisiana/Texas/California BBQ aficionado. But once we got there, the place was packed with local team football fans, watching the game on the big screen (in the background). We decided to just say hi to the dog and leave it for some other night.

On the way home we stopped in the Chancery, just a half-block from our B&B. It's also a sports pub, but wasn't crowded, nice atmosphere, really good chips (french fries) for a snack, and cider. 

This is where you order your cider. Gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling doesn't it?

The picture quality on their TV screens is better than the Southern Belle's giant screen. Both soccer and rugby games are being shown on the three screens. As game time got closer, more customers came in. When Robin comes back from her classes, if she takes a bus from the Tube station to the B&B, the bus lets her off right here. How conveeenient.

Next door to our B&B, a fine example of small back porches.

Tomorrows plan: The landmark Apple Store at Covent Garden, The Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre, and the London Transport Museum (all in the Covent Garden area).

Saturday Morning Fox Visit

These two showed up outside our window minutes after a cat wandered through the small backyard area. They stayed a few minutes and then left. 

Is it just me, or do they look like they're planning something mischievous?