Friday, January 7, 2011

Thai & Turkish cuisine alerts

A very short stroll in the neighborhood looks promising. Lots of shops and small restaurants very close by, including this Thai restaurant named @Thai and a popular-looking Turkish restaurant. We also took note of a pool hall / bar with BBQ. No telling what's another block or two away. Like the big Hammersmith Shopping Centre. We'll check it out more this weekend.

Thai restaurant Friday night crowd.

Pool hall and bar.

Shopping at Sainsbury's, about a 5 minute walk from here. Getting stuff for the little toy refrigerator in Robin's room. Actually, there's more cupboard storage and refrigerator space in her room now than there was in her dormitory kitchen last year. 

The Hammersmith 'hood

Rather than stumble through the Tube system with heavy bags, we took a cab into London, to the Hammersmith area where Robin rented a small B&B apartment.

Small, but twice the size of her dormitory room last year.

I wondered how the cab driver in Uxbridge would know how to get to some obscure address in London, until he pulled out his GPS, entered the address, and just followed the lovely female, English-accent voice instructions. 

The cab driver checks his GPS.

Before getting a cab we walked back to the Brunel campus so Robin could check the new settings for her laptop and iPad and make sure she could connect to the campus wireless network. On the way, we stopped at the graveyard again for a few more photos.

The graveyard entrance.

Robin said "Haven't I heard of someone named Max Headroom?" Yeah, and this might be where he's buried.

This paved path shortcut to the Brunel campus follows a babbling brook. Or, as similar water ways in New Mexico are called, a river.

Tomorrow friends Lynn and Neal are driving in from Oxford to deliver Robin's computer and several other boxes of stuff that they stored for her. 

We've unpacked, it's dark and rainy out, and we're going to go explore the immediate neighborhood.