Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coffee Time

Blogging -- because I can.

Sunrise from flight AA1579

Sunrise is slowly catching us as we try to outrun it, flying westward.

I shot the photo with my iPhone, then cropped it and adjusted the
exposure using the PS Mobile app (Photoshop).

I've been checking all my favorite sites and blogs from my iPhone. The
cost for a single flight connection is $8. Very worth it since this is
the most fun I've had on a flight. Except maybe that time Robin and I
took a small Napalese airplane to within one mile of the Mt. Everest
summit. Or the helicopter flight we took over Niagra Falls.

blogging from AA flight between Boston and DFW

I'm on an American Airlines flight and they just announced that we'll
have a WiFi connectio until we're within 15 minutes of landing in
Dallas. Zowie! I didn't think the day would ever get here.

In a few minutes I'll pull out the laptop and use it.

So hi from the sky!