Tuesday, January 15, 2008


That's the real Lynda of Lynda.com on the left. She's never had a booth this big at Macworld before. But then, her training DVDs and online training have really taken off in the past year. I'm a subscriber to her online training and it's very extremely cool, covering a rich variety of software apps. I was smart enough to tell her I'm a friend of Robin's, and that scored me two tickets to the Lynda.com party on Thursday night, plus a special invitation for authors and potential authors Wednesday night.


Quark is here

Remember them? I'd heard they were still in business, and sure 'nuff, here they are. This photo erroneously makes it look like nobody cares, but there's still one minute and 30 seconds before the presentation is supposed to start.


The Adobe booth is packed for every presentation, no matter what app they demo.


The View

Robin and I arranged a rendezvous with friends (Joey Wilson and Linda Pedelty of Wilson Consulting, from Santa Fe) at The View, a bar on the 39th floor of the Marriott, just a block or so from the Expo. If you get there, enjoy the view (hmm, I wonder if that's where the name came from) while you do iPhone stuff. Around here, when the theme is "There's something in the air," we take it to heart and head up to The View.


The MacBook Air


Everyone wants to hold the MacBook Air to see for themselves just how light it is. Here's a photo of several thousand Mac geeks trying to get their hands on one.

Free stuff

Hardware and software companies gives away lots of free stuff at Macworld. Mostly big bags with their company names on them. I've noticed a direct co-relation between how popular a bag design is, and the gender/age demographic of the bag-givers. This particular bag seemed especially popular with men who didn't have their wives with them. The fireman couldn't take his eyes off those bags.