Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You could soon be living here!

A daily reminder that we could soon be amongst the living here. Can't wait for that upgrade. 

Turn right at the sign, go under the train overpass (behind the sign), and you're headed towards the Uxbridge town centre, a 15 minute walk, give or take a pub or two.

The train going over the overpass in the background is the Metropolitan line, judging by the maroon color on the sides of the cars. Color-coded trains would be useful in Santa Fe, so you'd know if you're going to Lamy or Albuquerque. I'd recommend turquoise and blue-green.

The new office furniture for the Mermaid Tavern London Headquarters was delivered today. I wanted oak, but this is easier to move around.

We're considering a possible side trip to the southern coast of England, near Southhampton, where the National Transport Museum is located. Current exhibit: 50 original James Bond cars to celebrate 50 years of Bond movies. The Brits are strangely unaware about history in some ways, but very on top of it when it really matters. "Bond... James Bond" (with a Sean Connery accent, slightly muffled by a dangling cigarette). Of course, these plans could change if we decide there's another trip that's more culturally relevant than James Bond movies. Like Shakespeare, for example. Or almost anything else.