Friday, May 30, 2008

Our last full day in Granada

Pouring rain all night Wednesday and into Thursday. Finally stopped late afternoon and has been nice ever since. The rain is nice to sleep to, except when some poor drenched dog starts crying, wanting shelter.

JohnG online on a rainy day.jpg
JohnG, laptopping on a lazy, rainy day.

Rain work stations.jpg
Rain work stations, necessary due to open roof architecture and blowing rain.

Work stations.jpg
Normal, dry dock work stations.

Marcia had business to attend to around town, so John and I spent most of the day laptopping, importing video, email, etc.

Before we left for dinner, banging and young voices calling for Marcia at the front door. Marcia was getting ready to go out for dinner, so I didn't answer the door. I knew it was the barrio kids wanting to dance for the camera some more, but the camera was in the process of importing five hours of footage. I probably missed some good shots, but we're pretty wiped out from shooting constantly. Sorry amigos.

For dinner we walked to a street full of restaurants, four or five blocks away. When will I learn to always take a camera with me?! Missed some good shots.

A driver picks us up and we leave for Managua in less than an hour, fly to Mexico City, then to Leon, then take a shuttle to San Miguel where Robin, Elizabeth and Boris are currently dancing and partying. Maybe Boris isn't dancing, probably just flirting with the local senoritas.

Robin rented a fabulous casa in San Miguel. We were going to share it with Elizabeth and Boris, but it's too far from the main Plaza for Boris' taste. So they'll be at the San Francisco Hotel with JohnG and Marcia. Robin and I will have the big hacienda to ourselves. Bwahahahahah!