Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another Day At Sea

Robin gave two presentations today; one about Macbeth and another about All's Well That Ends Well. The Macbeth presentation was very interesting. Since I'd helped with a practice run-through of the All's Well presentation back in Santa Fe, I wandered around the ship with my iPod blasting some Trans-Siberian Orchestra while I shot video of stuff like sun-worshipers who shouldn't be wearing bathing suits in public, and people snoring in deck chairs. You can't get footage like this just anywhere.

I also sat in on an interesting presentation about the history of pirates in the Caribbean.

At 5 PM we went to a two-person "Macbeth" performance by John Tufts and Christine Albright, Oregon Shakespeare Festival actors. They're the two fairies, Puck and Titania, that have been successfully passing themselves off as mortals for years now. The performance was in the form of a deeply disturbed Macbeth talking to his psychiatrist. Very interesting.

Tomorrow, or sometime during the night, we arrive at St. Maarten. We'll dock there for the day. We're going to rent a car with friends Duane and Margie from Ashland, Oregon, and explore the island, rather than take one of the regular tourist tours. Details tomorrow.

Robin teaching Macbeth.

John Tufts and Christine Albright answer questions after their Macbeth performance.