Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kathy's Waffle House

JohnG, Marcia, and I walked to Kathy's Waffle House for their famed pecan waffles. I met Sandy and Kathy, the owners. Kathy is Nicaraguan, Sandy is American, from New Orleans, and a Mac user. Counting the pecan waffles, that's five reasons to love this place. Oh wait -- atmosphere -- that makes six reasons.

John enters Kathy's Waffle House.jpg
JohnG enters the Waffle House.

View from the Waffle House portal.jpg
View from the Waffle House portal, looking towards the volcano.

Sandy, owner of Kathy's Waffle House.jpg
Marcia, JohnG, and Sandy, who with wife Kathy owns Kathy's Waffle House.