Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Presentation at the Newberry Library

Robin's presentation at the Newberry Library tonight was a very successful event, with almost a capacity crowd (about a hundred people). The audience seemed very into it. Quite a few people afterwards said they were convinced. Considering that Robin had to talk fast and to squeeze a two hour presentation into one hour, it was still fascinating, and I've seen it a half-dozen times.

After the presentation, Robin signed books that were purchased in the Newberry bookstore, then we returned to Virginia and Jim's apartment for cocktails, wine, wonderful food and visiting with Virginia and Jim, Jim Price and Don Newcomb, and other new friends Rosemary, Donna, Maria.

Tomorrow we take the famous El (Chicago's Elevated train) to Oak Park to have lunch with Jim Price and Don Newcomb. Later in the afternoon we'll return to the city for dinner and to attend A Comedy of Errors at the Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier.