Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday in Granada

Another beautiful day in Granada. Bright sun. Hasn't rained yet, although John G says he went outside around 2 am to listen to the band next door and it sprinkled a little bit.

Morning sun.jpg

Morning sun at Marcia's house

I walked from the house to downtown this morning, grabbing photos and video along the way. The Park is about 10 blocks from the house, every step a Nicaraguan post card view. Across from the park is the Euro Cafe, a popular Wi-Fi spot for laptop carrying types. I brought my laptop on the walk to town just so I could say I've emailed from the Euro Cafe and you haven't. Or maybe you have. But did you walk through the barrios to get there? I don't think so. Or maybe you did if you know Marcia or Nina, Santa Fe people who have homes here. The short walk to the cafe drenched me with sweat. I keep telling myself, "It's like a cool summer day in Phoenix, Arizona."

Euro Cafe exterior.jpg

Exterior of the Euro Cafe, at the corner of the park.

After a Wi-Fi rendezvous with the world, I strolled across the park to the Cathedral and shot photos. I love the colorful buildings here.


The Cathedral

Park Gazebo.jpg

Gazebo in the Park