Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Harry's, Starbucks -- it's all here

Yes, there's a Harry's here, but it's not a roadhouse (as in the Harry's of Santa Fe), it's a New Orleans restaurant and bar just a block from the San Miguel plaza. A very popular place, especially for Americans who are hanging out here. We met our Santa Fe pals there for drinks and conversation.

From the left: Jean (from Santa Fe, now a San Miguelian), Boris, Elizabeth, me, Robin, John and Marcia (with whom I experienced Nicaragua). Warning: traveling with this group is not for amateurs. Professionals only need apply. Hard core.

There's an interesting poster on the wall (below). I bought a copy for 175 pesos (approximately $18). Classy, eh?

The Harry's poster shows a glass of red wine. To see a larger version, stop by our house.

And yes, there's a Starbucks here. I've mentioned that before, but I didn't mention that the Wi-Fi connection is free, and you can sit there all day without buying a single coffee or muffin. There's also a lovely patio courtyard you can use.

Robin works on connecting my laptop.

San Miguel Cathedral at night.