Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leaving Tortola - Headed For Bahamas

We left Tortola at 5 PM, sailed all night, will sail all day today (Saturday) and arrive in Half Moon Cay tomorrow (our last stop before sailing to Ft. Lauderdale Monday morning).

Adios Tortola, as they say in the Mexican Navy.

A Pilot boat escorts us away from Tortola.

Robin gave a presentation this morning about Shakespeare's references to death, and the Elizabethan's ideas about death. It was a fascinating and illuminating session.

Robin leads a discussion about death in the Shakespeare plays.

Unfortunately, I missed part of it because I had to go to Deck 10 and shoot a few baskets on the outdoor basketball court, but I made it back in plenty of time to hear Hamlet's take on death (To be or not to be), and other notable quotes.

The ship's outdoor basketball court. It was blazing hot, which might explain why I was the only one there.