Friday, November 14, 2008

Road Town, Tortola

After leaving Martinique late yesterday afternoon, we sailed all night in a northwesterly direction to the British Virgin Islands (BVI), which are just east of Puerto Rico.

BVI has more islands than any other Caribbean country. Tortola is the largest island, and Road Town is the largest city.

I'd hoped to catch a boat to Virgin Gorda, a neighboring island famous for a stretch of beach called The Baths (with caves created by spectacularly huge boulders at the edge of the water), but a semi-late start made us miss the first scheduled boat there. Since Robin wanted to be back on ship by 2 PM to prepare for her next presentation (the frequently mentioned humours in the Shakespeare plays), we decided to walk to town with some friends (Jerry and Kate from the Philadelphia area, and Theresa the head of InSight Cruises (the creators and organizers of the Shakespeare At Sea Cruises).

After a quick tour of Road Town, Jerry, Kate, Robin, and I jumped on a Safari bus to take a tour of the island. It's a beautiful, mountainous island. The windy roads would ordinarily have made me very motion-sick, but being on the ship for a week has obviously improved my tolerance for screaming around steep mountain roads in the rear seat of a small tour bus.

One of the views of the Road Town port from a local road.

Lots of Safari-style busses for the tourists at one of our photo-op stops.

Another view of Road Town from a tour stop up the mountain.