Monday, October 5, 2009

Final Oxford images and that's a wrap.

I'm really glad I got to see Oxford before I had to leave England. Here are some final images.

Lots of alleys, sidestreets, and hidden places to explore in Oxford.

Chairs in the lobby of the Oxford Castle Hotel.

A hallway in the old castle prison. The doors in the hall are to small cells. The gift shop at the end of the hall probably wasn't there at the time.

Lunch at Piemasters, a fast-food place in a busy indoor market, in downtown Oxford. I had the Chicken of Aragon with potatoes, gravy, and mashed peas.

We met Lynn, Robin's former tutor at Merton College, at the college where she teaches full time, Regent's Park. Robin and Lynn walk through the school's quad on the way to Lynn's office.

The Regent's Park quad.

We could use a few of these in downtown Santa Fe.

We stopped at The Randolph, a 5 Star hotel, to have a cider. This guy claimed to be a musician (an organist, I think) who'd just been recognized and cheered at some event. Besides being cheered, he was also drunk as a skunk, alternately spewing BS and almost falling asleep. As you can see, he invited himself over to our table. He tried to leave without paying for his drink, which he just snatched off the tray of a passing waiter. When the bartender insisted that he had to pay for his drink, he wrote a check but the writing was totally illegible scribbles.

Cider at the Randolph.

The Randolph Hotel.A TED conference was held here a couple of summers ago while Robin was studying at Merton College. She ran into some long-time Mac friends who were in Oxford for the conference.

William Herbert watches over the Bodleian Library.

The building where Oxford graduates get their degree has a circular courtyard, surrounded by busts with almost cartoonish faces. We'll have to ask Robin to get the inside story on this one.

All of the busts have bugged out, popping eyes, and mouths agape. Very cool indeed.

Farewell to Oxford, now one of my favorite college towns.

Ivy at Regent's Park College.