Monday, January 17, 2011

One of those weird England things

Robin has been searching all office supply stores for over a year now, and no one here has ever heard of plain ol' manilla folders (see above). The only kind you can buy are the kind that have a metal strip for hanging on the metal rods in a filing cabinet. We might take a screen shot like the one above and carry it into an office supply store and see what they say. It'll probably be something like "Ah yes duckie, those are digital and only found on computers."

Is she: 
(A) spellbound by the colorful display? 
(B) temporarily stunned by the UK cluelessness of the existence of ordinary office folders? 
(C) posing for the photographer who thought it would make a fun shot?

You're right if you guessed C. 
Or B. 
And maybe A, now that I think about it.