Thursday, January 5, 2012

I was afraid of this...

Sorry for the incomplete article that was posted a day or two ago. I was blogging from a phone app and did something wrong, then lost my connection, then... well, as they say here, things got a bit twitchy.

So I've repaired the twitchy stuff.

We've been here in London barely 8 hours and I've already got more stuff on my "gotta-do" list than I can do this week.
That's partly because we met Maria, one half of our flat-mates. She and her husband Wally (one of Robin's students, and also the other half of our flat mates) organize tours of London from Raleigh, North Carolina.
Note to self: Make reservations to see Jerusalem, starring Tony-Award-winning Mark Rylance (also head of the Shakespeare Authorship Trust and former Creative Director/actor at The Globe Theatre). Mark is getting rave reviews and Wally says the performance is amazing.

Since I'm currently using a computer in the lock & key graduate student section on the third floor of the Brunel library, I can't upload photos, but I'll do that later.

Last night we (Wally, Marie, Robin & Me) made the ten minute walk to the nearest neighborhood pub, The Gardeners Arms. Not sure where the name comes from, but there does happen to be a community garden about a block down the street.

This pub is fabulous. But that's another blog, with photos.