Sunday, January 8, 2012

Uxbridge at Night photos

At about 4 pm we decided to walk into Uxbridge so I could shoot some photos and tryout the new shortcut we found on Google Maps, a little side street, Montague, that runs up the side of The Gardners Arms and cuts at least 10 minutes off the walk to the town center. It was getting dark, but that can be a good thing when it comes to photography.

The Gardeners Arms pub. Our shortcut, Montague Road, starts on the right side of the pub.

I didn't realize it until I got back to the flat, but two blokes were outside having a smoke on the pub's patio when I shot the photo from across the street. See ya in a bit mates.

The town center was quieting down, stores were closing, and a light rain sent us to the nearest Boots Pharmacy to buy an umbrella. Pictured above is The Pavillions, an indoor mall-like place that's not quite as upscale as The Chimes, which is opposite the town centre from The Pavillions, a stone's throw away, behind us in the photo.

The Underground Tube Station is in the middle of the town centre. The last train is around 10 or 10:30 pm.

The Tube Station is pretty quiet on Sunday night.

In the tube station is a quintessential example of why you wouldn't choose the generic, bland, personality-challenged font known as Helvetica for your business branding. At least not all-caps, and especially not if you're a small coffee shop in a tube stop.

Robin (barely visible) reads a poster while a good vampire on a motorcycle watches. I know he's a good vampire because he rides a motorcycle, and he didn't drain our blood. And you thought those Twilight movies were make-believe. 

On the way back to the flat, Montague Road takes us right past The Gardeners Arms pub, so we stopped for a couple of pints of cider, some chicken nuggets, scampi and chips. We didn't play darts, but I grabbed a shot anyway. 

Robin puts in our order. The guy on her left thought she was Irish. She does actually have some Irish in her background. And Welsh. And Cherokee. 

Quick sketch of Robin at The Gardeners Arms bar. Too quick. But art is not always slow, or good. Somebody not very famous said that.