Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dinner At Chez Francis

Two Americans at an undisclosed location.

The view above is outside of Chez Fancis where dinner was included as part of our Crazy Horse show tickets. The dinner was pretty darn awesome. 

The food was as good as the ambience.

Chez Francis. The Metro entrance is just a few steps away. Crazy Horse is a couple of doors down the sidewalk.

The view from Chez Francis.

Smoked salmon starter. A full meal already. Hope the main dish is small.

After dinner we went to the Crazy Horse show. It was fun, the dancers were beautiful, but the stage and venue is much smaller than the Moulin Rouge show we saw some years ago. The show went for a cutting edge techno feel in choreography, lighting, and music. 

We enjoyed the show, and I'm not one to complain when almost-naked women are running around onstage, but the Moulin Rouge show and venue is more the classic Parisian cabaret experience you might be looking for.