Sunday, February 19, 2012

London Walk 2

Trafalgar Square, with the Neslon Column monument in the background. Horatio Neslon is Britain's most famous naval hero, killed in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The British Royal Navy took on the combined fleets of the French Navy and the Spanish Navy. 27 British ships against 33 French and Spanish ships. Ships lost: France & Spain - 22, Britain - 0. Unbelievable.

Coincidentally, the text on Robin's shirt reads "Fortune Favors The Bold." The shirt is by Forged Clothing, designed by her son Ryan, a Navy Seal. Forged Clothing was founded by Ryan and another Navy Seal. 

To get to The Inner Temple (famous, but made even more famous by The Da Vinci Code) go through the entrance on the right for a short distance. The Inner Temple takes its name from the Knights Templar. There are effigies (stone knights laying on the floor, burial-like) of Templar Knights inside. The Inner Temple dates back to around the 1200s and was the new location for the Knights Templar.

The George pub.

Ye Olde Cock Tavern. Just barely squeezed it in there. 

A monument in the middle of the street is much more common here than some places, such as Santa Fe for instance. This monument on Fleet Street marks the location of a previous "bar" (a stone gateway barrier) that marked the division between East and West (London and Westminster). At this point Fleet Street becomes The Strand. Even though it's now an open street, the Queen still stops here momentarily (and symbolically) when her entourage happens to come down this street. Nice wyvern on top.

Robin goes on a self-guided tour to inspect the plaque on the monument.

Always in research mode.