Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Photos

The Metro entrance nearest our apartment.

Love the Metro signage.

A newer terminal.

The Musée Montmartre. Not open while we were here. But a cool street to walk along.

If you don't take the funicular, you get to use the steps. At moments like this, we're glad we're young.

Still loving the signage.

lf it hadn't been so cold, I would love to have waited around to see the look on the client's faces when they saw their portrait. Maybe they were thrilled. Maybe it looked great when it was finished. Maybe he's an undiscovered genius. Maybe I shouldn't criticize until I've tried doing portraits in sub-freezing weather.

Place du Tertre, again.

On the way home, Robin takes a break at Place du Tertre on a cold night.

Robin at the top of a long stretch of steps. 

Speaking of steps, Robin leaves the apartment. Just seven floors to go.

Robin at Place du Tertre, on the walk home.