Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunday Seafood Lunch in Istanbul

Elmira and Nezih ordered all of the food for us, since we were overwhelmed by the choices available. The waiter had a big poster showing all the different kinds of fish, but Elmira and Nezih recommended the Blue Fish because it's in season now and is the best choice.  

Grilled Blue Fish. Four fillets per plate. Delicious.

Nezih chats with Robin. 

Posing for Jay or Elmira.

Nezih continues his story. He grew up on the other side of the Bosphorous. I asked if he used to swim in the Bosphorous. He said "Yes, but it's dangerous. The current is so strong that if you go in here, you end up there. But if you grow up next to the sea, you have to do it."

A delicious salad. With goat cheese. Too bad goat cheese makes Robin gag. Also, unfortunate that she didn't realize it was goat cheese before she took a bite. But she recovered nicely, I thought.

Nezih, Robin, Elmira, and Jay, from inside the restaurant.

Jay handed Robin his iPhone so she could listen to a Turkish comedian on YouTube. Istanbul is a fascinating combination of ancient and new worlds.