Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thrill-seeker Ride to Uxbridge

After leaving the Hockney exhibition we walked back to Piccadilly Circus to catch a train to Uxbridge. I'm embarrassed to admit how old I was before I realized there's not a circus at Piccadilly Circus. On the other hand, there probably is one here, and I just haven't spotted it yet.

The trip back to Uxbridge is always fun for thrill-seekers like us. You get to go down stairs and escalators, through tubes and tunnels, see interesting people and stand very close to them. See the latest fashions. Hear free concerts. Even listen to nearly-deaf people's iPod music.

Piccadilly Circus.

Entrance to the Underground Tube fun-ride.

Love the Bobby's hat.

Oh darn. Not as crowded as I was hoping. Maybe next time.

A fellow thrill-seeker shows off her fur coat.