Friday, March 23, 2012

Walking Around

Our walk from Trafalgar Square took us past some big clock tower.   

Double-tailed mermaid at Trafalgar Square. The National Gallery is here, and also the National Portrait Gallery. 

The Pinter Theatre. We went to see Absent Friends, a play by Alan Ackbourn. Interesting, kinda boring. Shoulda gone to Mama Mia.

The Ireland gang spotted in Trafalgar Square.

You know you're going to run across some street musicians if you go in the Underground or a bridge tunnel. 

Trafalgar Square version of a park bench.

The Nelson Monument and King Charles I on a horse. The Charles statue was placed there in 1678.

So many monuments everywhere.

Tuesday evening, after leaving the theatre and making our way to Piccadilly Station, we encountered a break dancing performance.

At a park near the Tower of London, a dog chases his ball. OK, now I'm getting home sick.