Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Fav WiFi Spot

It’s Wednesday, we leave tomorrow for the US, and I’ve come back to the British Museum’s Great Hall to use the good WiFi connection here and to hopefully catch up on getting some photos uploaded before we head for Heathrow airport in the morning.

To get to Uxbridge on Tuesday for Robin’s meeting with her PhD supervisor, we made the short walk to St. Pancras station so we could catch the Picadilly line straight to Uxbridge. Next door to St. Pancras station, the British Library has this poster on its wall. Brilliant.

A nice tree along the road between downtown Uxbridge and Brunel University campus.

You guys are amazing! 

Robin and her supervisor, Bill Leahy, say fare thee well, anon, happy trails, etc. after their lunch meeting. Bill, as usual, had great feedback, wise advice, and supportive encouragement for Robin.
Retro Tube signage.

The Picadilly Line goes to Wembley Park, home of the iconic Wembley Stadium.

It’s nice when you happen to catch one of the new trains. There’s no door separating the cars and you can walk from one end of the train to the other, if necessary to find a seat.