Monday, July 29, 2013

Twin Warriors Golf

 Just north of Albuquerque, NM, is the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and the Twin Warriors golf course, a PGA rated course that hosted a PGA qualifying tournament several years ago. I got an email notice from them advertising a Sunday, 5 pm, Big Hole event featuring a greatly reduced price ($38), double-sized 8" cups on the greens, and Best Ball rules (everyone hits from the location of the foursome’s best shot).

Cousins/pals Jan and Willie joined me at the resort and our partial foursome was rounded out by Greg (former-total-stranger-now-golf-buddy and a dang good golfer to have on your team).

The course was spectacular. The weather was perfect. The jackrabbits were cute. Gotta say it was a  great Sunday afternoon.

View of Sandia Mountains and the Twin Warriors driving range from the golf cart path that leads to the club house and golf course. 

Standing on the forward-most tee, looking towards the fairway across an arroyo. Today I was lucky enough to get the ball to the fairway.

Willie aims for the flag. 

Greg takes a practice swing while enjoying the scenery.

The green is way down there somewhere. My shot went into the desert hills on the right.

Jan's ball in mid-flight. It's a low trajectory, but to the middle of the fairway. Nice.

There's a green waaaaay down there. And several giant jackrabbits munching on the lush grass.

Jan drives over the arroyo and onto the distant fairway.

Sandia Mountains in the background, a large and beautiful green, and a giant, oversized cup.