Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tragedy of Typographic Proportions In The Caribbean


We're docked in the Barbados port of Bridgetown, along with a Carnival cruise ship named Carnival Victory.

Sweet Swan of Avon! I've never seen typographic butchery on the side of a cruise ship as bad as this. OK, I know it's not easy to cut letters out of metal, but if it can be cut perfectly in 6-point type, why can't it be cut out semi-decently in letters 15-feet tall?

Or maybe the new Carnival corporate identity is a grunge font that uses different weights and fonts. Ugly fonts. Is it just me, or was the "n" ripped off another cruise ship and welded onto the Carnival ship?

I could go on, but that might make it look like I'm a typography complainer/whiner. And I'm not. No way. HEY! Is that an "inch" sign being used for quotation marks in the Noordam daily newsletter?! AARRRGGGH!