Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Bonus Photos


The walk from Brunel campus to downtown Uxbridge takes you through a redidential section of apartments and townhomes. One of the houses has an aviary on the outside wall. We usually stop and say hi. And shoot photos.

We had lunch today at Bar Zest, a small cafe on campus in the Sports Center building. It's quieter here than most places on campus, and the customers seem older. Probably a faculty hangout.

View of the campus from the Bar Zest patio.

While shopping in Uxbridge, we had lunch at Slug and Lettuce. Probably the best place we've eaten so far.

The U3 bus makes a stop right in the middle of the campus, headed to Uxbridge (ten minutes, max). It's always full. If you decide to walk (20 - 30 minutes), there's always a steady stream of students walking both directions. The students heading toward the Brunel campus are always carrying shopping bags of stuff for their rooms. And, of course, there's always a couple of guys carrying several 12-packs of beer back to the dorm. Fosters seems to be the most popular. Probably the cheapest.