Thursday, December 24, 2009

Catching up with the Blogger thingy

Wow. I've taken hundreds of photos since the last blog and now I’m going to try to catch up before I start another day of shooting photos and video.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a cold but lovely day to stroll around York.

Remind me to try bacon buttes. If not this trip, next time for sure.

This bird and his ancestors have been hanging out in this window for about 600 years. The building of York Minster was started in 1220 and finished in 1472.

The ancient city wall can be walked, although most sections are closed now because of the danger of ice and snow (no handrails).

Constantine watches over York Minster, even though he was here a tad bit earlier; during the 300s. He was crowned emperor here, the only ruler of Rome crowned anywhere else besides in Rome.

This place has it all.