Thursday, December 24, 2009

York, my kinda town, York is (la la laaaa)

Didn't Frank Sinatra have a hit song about York? If I remember correctly, he add the word "New" somewhere in the lyrics to make the song flow a little better.

Our hotel as seen from the train station entrance. If you make it to the small  octagonal building, you’re inside. A long, cold walk, but we made it.

Looking down the staircase that goes to the lobby and the lounge chairs below.

York Minster is fantastically ornate, a great example of Gothic cathedral design, including fabulous gargoyles which, as usual, are placed so high that ordinary citizens didn’t ever  know how grotesque and comical they really were.

Amazing. I’d like to know the story behind each one of these.

Get your own Gothic Cathedral design kit now. Build a cathedral in your spare time. Give your descendants something to do.