Monday, April 15, 2013

A Day In Pompeii

To backtrack a bit, the Pompeii exhibit yesterday (at the British Museum) was pretty amazing. I just got a few photos before I realized that photography was not allowed.

Also amazing is the fact that I left my backpack at a cafe table and realized it was gone after strolling through the exhibit for 30 minutes. I gasped, hurried out to the Grand Hall where I had been sitting and looked around for the bag. A couple of brits who looked and sounded like Hollywood casting for a couple of Cockney characters in an Oliver Twist movie were sitting on the floor and said “Lookin’ fah a bag?” “Security took it. You can get it at the Information desk.” It was there.

New Rule: the bag is never disconnected from the body.

The British Museum Grand Hall. The Pompeii exhibit is in the circular structure. The surrounding wings contain the permanent exhibits from Egypt, Syria, Greece, and who knows what else.

Robin reads about a fresco. 
You’ve probably seen photos of this dog before. It was easy to imagine the horror of that day.

A guard dog mosaic. 

Leaving the British Museum at closing time.