Monday, April 15, 2013

Off To School

Today (Monday) is the first day of school for Robin. I walked her to the Senate House and said “Have fun, make friends, don’t get your new school clothes dirty on the playground.” The usual first-day-of-school stuff.

I spent most of the day in the British Museum, and that’s where I’m blogging from, so I’ll know in a couple of hours how class went. 

Robin gets directions to her class.

After escorting Robin to school I did a photo stroll on the way to a local art supply store before landing at the British Museum for the rest of the day. It’s free, it’s fascinating, it’s educational, and their WiFi connection is better than anywhere else I’ve found so far.

Do I dare? It’s hard enough trying to keep from being run over while walking. 
The BT Tower. I suspected it was an alien ship of some sort...

After seeing it up close, I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of device being used by the Lizard Race. Or maybe an old movie set used for the movie Brazil

I passed by The Building Centre and noticed this fabulous model of London in the lobby. 
Starbucks was giving away free samples of Strawberry Frappes.
Pretty yummy.

This is good to know. I hate improper hamburgers. 

I'm hoping we can get tickets to The Book of Mormon.

This is the place. Everything I need is in here. I bought a newsprint pad, a good quality white paper spiral sketch book, some Conté sticks, a tin to put charcoal and pencils in, and headed to the British Museum.