Monday, April 22, 2013

Horse Stables Side Trip

Lynn and Neal were waiting for us at a nearby intersection. We hopped in their car and headed toward Stowe Gardens, a 400-acre estate that is now owned and maintained by the National Trust.

The arch ahead is the entrance to Stowe Gardens. We veered off to the right to visit their daughter Louise, who works at a nearby horse stable.

Louise is an experienced horse-person and dressage rider/trainer. She’s 26 and has never had any serious injuries, just a broken arm, a crushed elbow, and a fractured skull. She has a degree in architecture from the University of London, but decided to upgrade to horses. And dressage.

Neal and one of Louise’s associates point me to the next stable.

Robin and Louise spread the love.

Horses are big, beautiful creatures, but MaltiPoos and Golden Doodles are much easier to take care of... in case you’re trying to decide.

A quintessential English horse stable scene, I think.

Louise shows us the dressage training arena under construction. They currently put the horses in a horse box (love that term for “horse trailer”) and transport them to a nearby arena for exercise and training.

Louise and Neal do some horse-whispering stuff.

Back on the path, approaching Stowe Gardens.