Monday, April 22, 2013

Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is one of my favorite galleries. It used to be a power house on the southern bank of the Thames. Now it’s a powerhouse art gallery. We’ve come to see the Lichtenstein Retrospective, but there’s lots of other great art on exhibit. We spent the entire afternoon here.

We took the Tube to Southwark Station, shown above. This remodeled station is just a few blocks from the Tate Modern

The entrance to the Lichtenstein exhibit in the Tate Modern. We have tickets at a reserved time slot, but there’s no line. Nice.

I was really impressed with this show and I’m an even bigger Lichtenstein fan now than before. He took copying other people’s art to a level of genius. 

Photography wasn’t allowed, but fortunately a couple of shots somehow appeared on my camera. I must have accidentally pushed a wrong button when I texted Robin to tell her where in the gallery I was. 

This is a detail of a Matisse at the Tate Modern. I kinda like it, but COME ON! 

A Picasso. 

Detail from the Picasso above. 

Another Picasso. As you can see, non-flash photography is allowed in the permanent exhibits. 

A mid-afternoon coffee break in the 6th floor cafe of the Tate provided a view of St. Paul’s across the river. I decided to sketch St. Paul’s and the Millennium Bridge. It’ll be a rough sketch, because I’m trying to loosen up. And because other people are hovering and waiting for this seat.