Monday, April 22, 2013

More Tate Modern

St. Paul’s and the Millennium Bridge from a 3rd floor balcony of the Tate Modern. 

Robin admires a beautiful painting Meredith Frampton.

A detail from the Miro shown below.

Miro. Goofy but I like it.

Tate Modern grounds and the Thames River. 

This part of the Tate Modern still looks like a power plant. Sometimes there are colossal sculptures in this area. 

Picasso’s wife in a very unflattering portrait. Be happy that these two young ladies are partially blocking the view.

I'll use this as a study for a painting. In the Lichtenstein exhibit there was an entire room dedicated to paintings of his based on other art, called Art About Art. 

I don't remember who this artist is, but it is one of my favorite paintings at the Tate.

Detail of the painting above.
When we left the Tate, we walked to the other side of the River and made our way to the Black Friar pub. We reasoned that we should have a cider there because we’ve never had a cider there. And because it’s an art masterpiece in itself. What could go wrong? More in the next blog.
One night at the Black Friar pub. . .

Tomorrow morning we take the Tube to Uxbridge and Brunel University where Robin has a meeting with her PhD supervisor. We return to Central London tomorrow afternoon, then to the Globe Theatre for the season’s opening night and The Tempest.